As I am working mainly with digital agencies I can't list all the projects I worked on here. I am only listing the ones I built for my individual clients. You can still request my full portfolio by submiting the form on the contact page.

Just to give an idea of my experience I have described a few projects below:

  • eCommerce website built on Drupal Commerce. I was required to build a highly customised user account section including complex order history. I also had to customise the checkout process, which had additional steps depending on the products in the cart.
  • Another large ecommerce project involved migration from Drupal 5 and Ubercart to Drupal 7 and Commerce. The project also include data migration with all the users and their purchase history.
  • I was a part of the team that build a fairly complex news website on Drupal. The project involved the data migration from Microsoft database
  • I was also part of the team that delivered complex multilingual and multi-domain Drupal website. We originally built the website on Drupal 7 a few years ago. Recently the website was successfully migrated to Drupal 8. - a website for P.LANSTUDIO chartered architecture studio. The website is based on Drupal with a number of contrib modules like Views, Metatag, Display Suite, Pathauto or Webform. In the front-end shows a good usage of CSS grid. The website is hosted on the client's server. - another Drupal website build for the client in Ireland. The website required installation of a few contrib modules and theming. Hosting is provided by the client.